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Mar 15, 2013


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This weekend the AKC Agility National takes place in Tulsa, OK. We have a lot of locals going. I hope I don’t leave anyone out here:

  • Moni and Desi, Poodles, owned by Judy Harris
  • Zara, GSD, owned by Vicki Miller
  • Fly, Sheltie, owned by Jennifer Sullivan
  • Jet, Kegger, (Border Collies) and Jesse, (Cocker Spaniel) run by Krista White (Kegger is owned by Frank LaFata, Jesse is owned by Michelle Cates)
  • Spur, Border Collie, and Josie, Lab, run by Debbie Heifner (Josie is owned by Judy Steiner)

Here’s more information about how to find run orders, results, video, etc. courtesy of Sally Sheridan and the NewAKCAgility yahoogroup:

++ About Video of 2013 NAC ++
The American Kennel Club and Agility Vision have partnered to do a FREE live stream of the 2013 National Agility Championship Final Round.  This was announced on the AKC web page about the 2013 NAC and via FaceBook in the last week.
Agility Vision will be live streaming the majority of the event for a $25. From the AgilityVision web site:
> The AKC National Agility Championship 2013 is upon us March 15-17, 2013
> in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Agility Vision will be live streaming video of the Challenger
> Round and the Final Round on Sunday. In addition we will be streaming at least
> Rings 1-3 and possibly Rings 4-6. I will know for sure once I get setup on Friday.
The schedule layout I shared will help with following along with live stream.  You’ll probably also want the running orders available as PDFs at
Note there is no published run order for the Friday morning warm-up and results will NOT be posted for it.
++ About Results from 2013 NAC ++
Here are the places you can follow the results, quoted from the General Information letter




Time and Fault counts after each handler/dog complete their run will be posted to:


Results after each round/jump height of competition has concluded will be posted to:


Twice a day end-of-round results will be posted to:


Ring Schedules, Running Orders, and Course Maps will be posted to:

Also  few video clips will be posted each day on the AKC NAC web site.