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Agility Workshops with Alice Rink



Alice will be offering evening private lessons from 6pm-8pm on both Friday and Saturday. $75/hour, $40/half hour. Open to all topics and skill levels. Semi-private lessons welcome. If interested in scheduling a lesson contact Alice at agility_rush@yahoo.com

8am-12pm Weave Skills: Train, challenge and proof your independent weave skills! From crosses and entries at all angles, to leaving your dog in the weaves and all that happens in between! This workshop is designed for the experienced weaver, looking to challenge their skil ls yet the concepts can also easily be broken down for young dogs still in the learning stages to lay that important foundation of independent weave pole performances. Appropriate for dogs, green or experienced, who understand weave channels or who are weaving inline poles already.

1pm-5pm Running Contacts AND Speedy Stops*: Anyone who knows Alice knows she loves her running contacts, however we also know running contacts aren’t necessarily for every handler so here participants will learn how to train those brilliant running contacts (focusing on the dogwalk specifically) as well as how to achieve speedy, independent stops! Focusing on both contact performances we’ll cover everything from flatwork foundati ons to advanced skills over lowered equipment. Appropriate for dogs 8 months or older if interested in running contacts, or if interested in stopped contacts dogs should already be familiar with their handler’s chosen end behavior. *Due to specific requests for this topic and lack of local inst ruction offered on it, depending on interest, if this workshop were to fill early then sign-up preference will be given to those interested in teaching a running dogwalk.


8am-12pm Young Dog Fundamentals- Skills & Drills: Teach your young dog important skills they’ll use throughout the rest of their agility career! Skills such as turning away from you on a verbal cue, cross-work, sends to obstacles, by-passing off-courses, driving their lines… the list goes on! Appropriate for dogs 8 months and older who are familiar with tunnels and jumps/wings (no/low bars is fine).

1pm-5pm Sends!: Whether you enter FAST/Gamblers classes or not, being able to send your dog and direct him from a distance is a key point to navigating your way through a course while still getting where you need to be. The thorough understanding of the basic send is one of th e most overlooked skills today for a lot of agility teams and because of this, handlers often find themselves in a foot-race with their dogs, rushing to beat their dog down the line to handle the next critical area. In this workshop you’ll not only learn how to begin teaching great sends and commitment to obstacles but also how you can use the handler’s path, motion and momentum to influence the dog’s line and commitment point from a distance right now. The challeng es in this workshop can easily be adjusted to each team’s needs whether you’re a young team just learning to send or an experienced team looking to f ine-tune and challenge this skill.


8am-12pm Eliminating the E’s: Does your dog ever… Drop bars? Randomly take off-courses? Pull off of an obstacle? If so then you’ve probably heard it before- “stay connected”, “watch your dog”, “support the line”… but what do these things really mean and how much can they clean up y our runs? In this workshop we will learn what it actually means to stay connected with your dog while running, how to anticipate where challeng es might arise on course so that you can handle them proactively, and how to be “on time” with your cues so your dog receives the information he needs to make the right choices. Appropriate for competing teams of all levels. This workshop will be part active lecture and part working your dog.

1pm-5pm Masters/Premier Coursework- What’s My Line?: In this workshop we will gear our focus toward reading and handling lines rather than
We will work toward developing an understanding of the difference between ideal vs realistic dog lines, how one can make calc ulated decisions concerning which direction to turn their dog on course and how the handler path influences the dog’s performance. Dogs will run on Masters-level courses that will incorporate some Premier challenges, such as threadles, backsides, push-throughs, close offcourse options, etc. Appropriate for teams competing in Excellent or Masters classes.

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