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Vicki Miller and Zara earned the German Shepherd Dog Club of America title of 2014 Agility Victrix by earning 2 Double Q’s over Tuesday and Wednesday at the GSDCA National Specialty at Purina Farms.  No one else was even close.  In addition they were then invited to the GSDCA Invitational Top 20 (20 top scoring

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Jennifer Riess and Bren (Majestic’s Best of Dellhaven, RN, RATI, RATN) find a very special glove after completing their Tracking Dog Urban test January 1, 2014 to become one of the first dogs to earn the new AKC title.  At just 10 months of age Bren showed a lot of poise and determination working through

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Congratulations go to Virginia Huxley and Cayla on their successful track on October 6th which earned them a TD title.


Huge congratulations go out to Grace Freeman, whose standard schnauzer Sketchbook Smarty Jones, co-owned with Liz Hansen, went BEST IN SHOW on Saturday at the United Kennel Club Premier in Kalamazoo Michigan. The Premier is an annual show that is the UKC’s biggest event on their calendar, sort of like Westminster but with performance events

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Judy Harris has just been certified as an Associate Nose Work Instructor (ANWI). Next step will be Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) and I’m sure Judy will be there soon.  

Kip, owned by Kathy Echols

Kip, a Border Terrier owned by Kathy Echols, earned his Tracking Championship yesterday, in the rain down in St. Robert, MO. This is an incredibly difficult title to attain, and something like 8% of dogs who even try it actually pass. The CT involves passing the TD, the TDX, and the VST. Kip, who turns

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Okay, not all the same dog. But in case it hasn’t been bragged on yet, Aiden, a Springer owned by Ginger Huxley, finished his AKC Championship with a 3rd Major a couple of weeks ago, and today finished his Junior Hunter title. Today in Smithville, Cindy Jansen finished a TD on her Wheaten Rio, and

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Another new BIG title for our group; I just heard that Desi, a Standard Poodle owned by instructor Judy Harris, completed his VST (Variable Surface Tracking) test and became a Champion Tracker. He is now: CT MACH2 Macie’s High Steppin’ Desire VCD2 RA MXC MJC UCD There are very, very few CT dogs. If I’m

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Aiden, Junior Hunter leg

Ginger Huxley (Quesst) had a great weekend last weekend. Ailsa, (Berkenbar Arabella BN RN NAP NJP), got her second Major and only needs 3 points to finish. Colin (Esquire’s Celtic Quest), a Jura (Multi CH Berkenbar Bysanze RE NA NAJ TD CD [VCD1] BN) son owned by Patti Meisser DVM, was Winner’s Dog taking him

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Desi, a poodle owned by CCSC instructor Judy Harris, just completed his Nosework 1 title today. Congratulations to Desi and Judy, they’ve worked really hard!

In addition to Leo’s TD today, we have two other pieces of wonderful news. Nancy Ripperger and Broddie completed their Utility Dog Excellent title today, and Debbie Heifner and Spur got their MACH. For Debbie, that’s two major accomplishments in a week!

Beth Ahner and Leo

Huge congratulations to Beth Ahner and Leo (GSD) for completing their TD Title today at our first Tracking Dog event.  Weather was cool, ground was wet and Leo worked his track like a champ. (photo copyright Debbie Christoff, 2012)

Zara, a German Shepherd belonging to instructor Vicki Miller, won the Agility Top 20 Standard and Top 20 Jumpers Invitational event at the German Shepherd National in Colorado. She also Qd in Time 2 Beat, Standard and Jumpers in regular competition on the same day. She took first place in Jumpers and T2B, and second

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Josie, our local lab owned by instructor Judy Steiner and run by instructor Deb Heifner, has just won High in Trial (agility) at the Labrador Retriever National Specialty at Purina Farms. There are a lot of really nice labs out there, so this is a huge accomplishment; even more so with Josie just now coming

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Zipper had a great weekend last weekend at the Show Me Agility Club of Central MO AKC Obedience and Rally trials. He finished his Rally Excellent title and got two Beginner Novice legs.

Faith and I earned two legs (and a third place on Sunday) in Beginner Novice Obedience at the Show-Me Agility Obedience and Rally Trial the weekend of September 22th 2012 held at Columbia Canine Sports Center.

Blackie, Lance son

Lance’s “first born” son, Blackie, finished his MACH this past weekend.  Blackie is loved, owned and handled by Bob Jeffers, an AKC Agility judge, near Tampa Bay, FL.  Blackie was the youngest GSD to earn the Performance Award of Merit (versatility award) from the GSDCA at just over 2 years of age with his titles of CD, RN, PT,

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