CCSC hosts a Barn Hunt event

Oct 22, 2012


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Banjo, owned by Kathy Echols, sees the rat; assisted by Jennifer Riess

Over the weekend, the new sport of Barn Hunt, founded by our own Robin Nuttall, had a Judges’ Workshop, Training Seminar and Fun Match. CCSC was the perfect location, allowing for meeting room space for the workshop, and the Northwest Corner of the building was perfect for our Barn Hunt bales. Participants traveled from Ohio, Colorado, Iowa and Northern Indiana for this event.

Barn Hunt is still in the “start up” stage, but will officially become a titled, sanctioned National sport in April 2013, when the very first trial will also be hosted by CCSC.

Haven’t heard about Barn Hunt yet? It’s a fun and challenging sport for any dog of any breed, mix, or size, locating rats hidden in various locations on a course made of straw bales. While it will be especially useful for breeds with a vermin hunting history such as Rat Terriers, Schnauzers, etc., a lot of dogs really enjoy the game of find the rat! Among this weekend’s participants and demo dogs were Cala, Robin’s Doberman, Ailsa, Ginger’s Springer, and Jet and Magic, Jennifer Riess’ German Shepherds. Ailsa wasn’t quite sure what to make of the whole thing, but she DID find and mark her rat for a win in the Large dog class at the fun test!

The photo above shows Jennifer working with Kathy’s Banjo during the Training Seminar. CCSC will host another training seminar and another fun test before the April trial.

For more information about Barn Hunt, go to the Barn Hunt website.

1 comment