Agility Classes

Desi, owned by Judy Harris

Agility is a great dog sport to build a better relationship with your dog.  This fast, fun sport is exciting for both you and your dog.   Benefits include physical and mental stimulation for your dog.  There may be periodic classes not in this list that are offered.

Agility Foundations: Skills

This class teaches the basic skills needed to excel in agility. Targeting, walking on a loose lead, introduction to lowered equipment, jumps, tunnels and weaves.

Prerequisite: Dogs over 6 months. Class length: 60 minutes  Limit:  8 dogs

Agility Foundations: Teamwork

Foundations Teamwork is a class focusing on the basics of cueing and signaling, and learning how to move as a team around an agility course. Basic obedience and flatwork skills will be covered.

Prerequisite: Dogs over 6 months. Class length: 60 minutes Limit:  8 dogs

Agility: Contacts, Weaves and Obstacles

Help your dog become totally confident on agility obstacles. Contact zone performance as well as confidence on the A Frame, Dogwalk and Teeter will be covered.  Weave training for a fast, accurate performance using the channel/wire method. Sending to obstacles, contact performance, entrances, speed, and distance are all emphasized in this class.  Students can elect to stay in this class until their dog is proficient on the equipment.  The instructor will work with each team at their level.

Prerequisite: Agility Foundations Skills and Agility Foundations Teamwork or instructor permission. Class length: 60 minutes  Limit:  6 dogs

Agility Jump 1, Getting Ready to Jump

Will cover jumping set point, stride regulator, having the dog go down a line of obstacles no higher than 8″, introduction to different jump types but again, no higher than 8″

Prerequisites: Agility Foundations Skills and Teamwork classes or instructor permission, targeting, stay or allow holding/release word/recall Must be > 6 mo age. Class length: 60 minutes

Agility Jump 2, Beginning Jumping

Will cover set point to all jump types, stride regulation with some height, introduction to bend work, circle work, slice jumps, extension and collection work; introduction to full height jumping if the dog is ready and is of sufficient age.

Prerequisite: Jump 1 or instructor permission.  Dog must be old enough to jump (1 year) Class length: 60 minutes

Agility: Beginning Handling

Sequencing, developing better crossing skills, introductory handling strategy for running courses, proofing obstacle skills in sequence.   Prerequisite: Agility Curriculum through the Contacts, Weaves, and Obstacles, plus Jump classes.

Prerequisite: Instructor permission if dog has all the obstacles skills trained (jumping, contacts, weave poles, etc.). Class length: 60 minutes Limit: 5-6 dogs

Agility: Intermediate Handling

Building on the Beginning Handling, increasing complexity and increasing skills of handler/dog teams.  Skills buildings with difficult handling problems.

Prerequisite: Beginning Handling. Class length: 60 minutes Limit: 5-6 dogs

Agility: Advanced Handling

Complex sequences, turns, courses, etc. All class participants help each other with creative problem solving ideas so each dog is successful. Learn how to do more than just get through the course, learn the fastest, most efficient way for you and your dog.

Prerequisites: Intermediate Handling or showing at Open level or above. Class length: 60 minutes Limit: 5-6 dogs

Agility Distance Handling

Learn distance handling skills for Gamblers, Chances, and FAST. Also useful for slower or differently abled handlers with fast dogs

Prerequisites: Intermediate or Advanced Handling, or working at Open or greater level, or instructor permission. Class length: 60 minutes. Limit: 5-6 dogs