Special Interest Classes

These classes may not be held each session, and some may be as a seminar rather than a full class.

Conformation instructor Liz Hansen with Seasar

Beginning Conformation Handling


Part classroom discussion of rules, standards, and what is expected at a show, part ring work to learn to present your dog to its best advantage, this class is for those new to showing in conformation.

Prerequisite: None. Class length: 60 minutes Limit: 8 dogs

Advanced Conformation Handling

For those who know the basics but need more ring time with their dogs and improvement of skills, this class concentrates on presenting your dog at proper speed, becoming efficient at setting your dog up, and work on other areas that will improve performance and success in the ring.

Prerequisite: Beginning Conformation class completed or previous conformation showing experience. Class length: 60 minutes Limit: 8 dogs


Kip, owned by Kathy Echols

Kip, owned by Kathy Echols


Beginning Tracking

Teach your dog to use his nose.  Introduction to the sport of tracking.  Starting dogs or puppies of any age.  Learn tracklaying, map making, turns, age, length, article indication.

Prerequisite: None. Class length: 1-4 hrs Limit: 6 dogs

Variable Surface Tracking

Covers the advanced tracking of variable surface tracking.  Introduce tracking on hard surfaces and in urban settings.  Preparation for AKC VST test.

Prerequisite: None. Class length: 1-4 hrs Limit: 6 dogs

Dog Sport Sampler Class

Designed to introduce some of the many different activities available for people to enjoy with their dogs. Most of these activities are actually competitive sports that you can earn titles in but also have practical uses and benefits. Each session will focus on a different sport. The first five weeks will cover Agility, Obedience/Rally, Draft Work (weight pull, carting, backpacking), Tracking, Breed specific sports (herding, retrieving, lure coursing), and the last week will deal with jobs dogs do for people such as service dogs, search and rescue, police work, and therapy work. Participants should bring a crate for their dogs as there will be minimal time to actually work with their dogs although an effort will be made to introduce the dogs and handlers to as many of the sports as is safely possible.

Prerequisites: None. Limit: 5 dogs.

Canine Conditioning

Do you want a dog that is ready to settle down in the house? Do you want to see your dog’s waist? Learn how to work you dog on the treadmill, improve their stamina, develop some muscle and conditioning for a variety of Canine sports including work in the field, herding, agility, obedience, and fly ball (to mention a few!). We will design a work-out schedule that you and you dog can carry out using equipment at CCSC and at home. At the end of each session we will help you review your team’s progress in strength (anaerobic); endurance (Aerobic) and proprioception (balance, knowledge of body parts in space). This training component will complement your skills training. Limit: 5 dogs.

Prerequisite: None. Class length: 60 minutes

Draft Work Class

This class is intended to introduce you and your dog to the fun and useful sports of Backpacking, Weight Pulling, and Carting. We will spend 1 week on Backpacking, 2 weeks on Weight Pulling and the last 3 weeks on Carting. All of these activities provide safe opportunities for your dog to expend energy and have fun together. We will discuss the practical health applications as well as the competition forms of these activities. Dogs should be in good health to participate in this class but do not have to have any prior experience. Equipment will be provided.

Prerequisite: None. Class length: 60 minutes. Class limit: 5 dogs

Barn Hunt Basics

Get your dog ready for the exciting new sport of Barn Hunt. In Barn Hunt, dogs locate rats (safely and humanely enclosed in aerated tubes) hidden in a straw/hay maze. Barn Hunt is open to all dogs of all types, sizes, breeds, and mixes. Barn Hunt Basics will introduce your dog to the rats and to the game. The curriculum is individually tailored to each dog.