Congratulations to Vicki Miller and Zara

Oct 15, 2014


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Vicki Miller and Zara earned the German Shepherd Dog Club of America title of 2014 Agility Victrix by earning 2 Double Q’s over Tuesday and Wednesday at the GSDCA National Specialty at Purina Farms.  No one else was even close.  In addition they were then invited to the GSDCA Invitational Top 20 (20 top scoring GSD in AKC agilty) on Wednesday night and they completed a Standard and a Jumpers run clean in a combined 61.33 seconds to take first place in the Invitational.  Eight clean runs, eight Q’s in the two days and they had other Q’s the 2 days prior to that.

An incredible accomplishment by an incredible TEAM.  Congratulations!!!!