Classes Cancelled – February 6, 2018

Feb 6, 2018


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Due to the potential severe winter weather, CCSC is cancelling all classes this evening. We will make up classes later in the session.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

CCSC Staff

Small Business Saturday Deals

Nov 15, 2016


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NACSW® Nose Work ORT Premium

Feb 9, 2016


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The premium is now available! Sign up for Birch, Anise, or Clove or all three!!

Congratulations to Vicki Miller and Zara

Oct 15, 2014


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Vicki Miller and Zara earned the German Shepherd Dog Club of America title of 2014 Agility Victrix by earning 2 Double Q’s over Tuesday and Wednesday at the GSDCA National Specialty at Purina Farms.  No one else was even close.  In addition they were then invited to the GSDCA Invitational Top 20 (20 top scoring GSD in AKC agilty) on Wednesday night and they completed a Standard and a Jumpers run clean in a combined 61.33 seconds to take first place in the Invitational.  Eight clean runs, eight Q’s in the two days and they had other Q’s the 2 days prior to that.

An incredible accomplishment by an incredible TEAM.  Congratulations!!!!

CCSC Hosting NW1 and NW1 Trials in August!

Jun 6, 2014


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Columbia Canine Sports Center will be hosting a NACSW sanctioned NW1 and NW2 trial on August 9th and August 10th, 2014. The full premium can be found here.

New MACH Title!

Jun 2, 2014


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Gerri Hill with Mac finishing his MACH at the Gordon Setter Club of America Agility Trial on May 17, 2014 at Purina Farms, Missouri.

Kids N’ K9s Summer Camp

Jun 2, 2014


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CCSC is hosting two week long sessions of Kids N’ K9s Summer Camp for kids in grades 2 through 8.  The first session is June 9th through 12th and the second session is June 16th through the 19th. The cost is $120 for one session or $200 for both sessions. To enroll please complete the enrollment and release forms.

New AKC Tracking Dog Urban Title!

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Jennifer Reiss and Bren find their article!

Jennifer Riess and Bren (Majestic’s Best of Dellhaven, RN, RATI, RATN) find a very special glove after completing their Tracking Dog Urban test January 1, 2014 to become one of the first dogs to earn the new AKC title.  At just 10 months of age Bren showed a lot of poise and determination working through the 440 yard track in 29 minutes.



Jennifer Riess and Bren pose with Judges Steve Sieveking and Carol Clark.

Jennifer Riess and Bren pose with Judges Steve Sieveking and Carol Clark.

On January 1, 2014 the new AKC Tracking Dog Urban title became official and Show-Me Canines was one of 3 clubs holding TDU tests on New Year’s Day.  Four tracks were run and the first 2 dogs passed and the last 2 dogs had near misses.  The weather cooperated with a calm, cold day with no precipitation until well after the test was over with.  Thank you to the judges, Carol Clark and Steve Sieveking, and the tracklayers, secretary, Judy Harris, and everyone helping to coordinate the test.

Veterans and Shelter Dogs In The News

Oct 17, 2013


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One of our partner programs, Veterans and Shelter Dogs, is in the news. The Missourian posted a short film on them. Watch it and see what amazing work they are doing.

Congratulations go to Virginia Huxley and Cayla on their successful track on October 6th which earned them a TD title.


Huge congratulations go out to Grace Freeman, whose standard schnauzer Sketchbook Smarty Jones, co-owned with Liz Hansen, went BEST IN SHOW on Saturday at the United Kennel Club Premier in Kalamazoo Michigan. The Premier is an annual show that is the UKC’s biggest event on their calendar, sort of like Westminster but with performance events added. In addition to conformation, there was lure coursing, obedience, rally, agility, terrier racing, dock diving, weight pull, and nosework and barn hunt demos.

It’s quite a story. Grace is one of our 4H program alums and a Junior Handler. As I understand it, after winning breed, Grace decided to show Jonesy in the Juniors finals instead of going to Groups. But the Group judge had also done breed and wanted to see Jonesy in the group. He sent someone over, stopped the Juniors ring, and pulled the pair into the group ring where Jonesy took the group then, later, went on to take Best In Show. The Juniors ring waited for their return, and while Grace didn’t place in Juniors, I think she got pretty good affirmation that she knows how to show off a dog.

Congratulations to all involved, that was an exciting win and something for all of us in Columbia to be proud of!

Agility National News

Mar 15, 2013


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This weekend the AKC Agility National takes place in Tulsa, OK. We have a lot of locals going. I hope I don’t leave anyone out here:

  • Moni and Desi, Poodles, owned by Judy Harris
  • Zara, GSD, owned by Vicki Miller
  • Fly, Sheltie, owned by Jennifer Sullivan
  • Jet, Kegger, (Border Collies) and Jesse, (Cocker Spaniel) run by Krista White (Kegger is owned by Frank LaFata, Jesse is owned by Michelle Cates)
  • Spur, Border Collie, and Josie, Lab, run by Debbie Heifner (Josie is owned by Judy Steiner)

Here’s more information about how to find run orders, results, video, etc. courtesy of Sally Sheridan and the NewAKCAgility yahoogroup:

++ About Video of 2013 NAC ++
The American Kennel Club and Agility Vision have partnered to do a FREE live stream of the 2013 National Agility Championship Final Round.  This was announced on the AKC web page about the 2013 NAC and via FaceBook in the last week.
Agility Vision will be live streaming the majority of the event for a $25. From the AgilityVision web site:
> The AKC National Agility Championship 2013 is upon us March 15-17, 2013
> in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Agility Vision will be live streaming video of the Challenger
> Round and the Final Round on Sunday. In addition we will be streaming at least
> Rings 1-3 and possibly Rings 4-6. I will know for sure once I get setup on Friday.
The schedule layout I shared will help with following along with live stream.  You’ll probably also want the running orders available as PDFs at
Note there is no published run order for the Friday morning warm-up and results will NOT be posted for it.
++ About Results from 2013 NAC ++
Here are the places you can follow the results, quoted from the General Information letter




Time and Fault counts after each handler/dog complete their run will be posted to:


Results after each round/jump height of competition has concluded will be posted to:


Twice a day end-of-round results will be posted to:


Ring Schedules, Running Orders, and Course Maps will be posted to:

Also  few video clips will be posted each day on the AKC NAC web site.

Congratulations Judy Harris!

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Judy Harris has just been certified as an Associate Nose Work Instructor (ANWI). Next step will be Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) and I’m sure Judy will be there soon.


Ron Gaunt will be presenting an Introduction to Odor workshop on June 29th and an Advanced Nosework workshop on June 30th. Fliers and registration forms can be found here.

Kip, owned by Kathy Echols

Kip, a Border Terrier owned by Kathy Echols, earned his Tracking Championship yesterday, in the rain down in St. Robert, MO. This is an incredibly difficult title to attain, and something like 8% of dogs who even try it actually pass. The CT involves passing the TD, the TDX, and the VST. Kip, who turns 13 next month, is also an AKC Champion and has is EE (Extreme Earthdog) title. He has kept Kathy working at it for a long time, but he finally did it for her. Huge congratulations!

Okay, not all the same dog. But in case it hasn’t been bragged on yet, Aiden, a Springer owned by Ginger Huxley, finished his AKC Championship with a 3rd Major a couple of weeks ago, and today finished his Junior Hunter title.

Today in Smithville, Cindy Jansen finished a TD on her Wheaten Rio, and Kathy Echols handled Border Terrier Lark, owned by Linda Wischover, to a TD as well. Astra, who is in season, was a little less enthused about the whole tracking deal today but she’s close.

No Classes February 26 2013

Feb 26, 2013


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Classes are canceled due to the large winter storm hitting mid-MO tonight and tomorrow. Please keep you and your dogs safe in this poor weather.


Feb 21, 2013


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Because of the inclement weather tomorrow.  New student orientation will be on Friday at 6 PM.  If you cannot make the orientation, bring vet records, etc. to your first class.   If you need to sign up, drop off the paperwork tonight, tomorrow, Friday or Saturday morning.  We will email details about your classes and what you need to bring to your class next week!

All of us with Long Eared Dogs [“] take note :)

Jan 17, 2013


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Springers, especially my imports, have long pendulous ears – great for scenting and creating a moist environment for infections.

There is a nice summary of what we need to take note of and do for our dogs that have ear problems – especially those with long ear leathers like those on my Springers from the Canine Health Foundation (CHF).  For those ready to find the article on their own or who want to pass it along the URL is as follows:

For those who found this post & are happy to not go further, I have copied the article.  I suggest looking on the CHF site – there are posts on their currently funded research, access to information on many diseases and other links to sites that you may find helpful.

Back to ears:

“As a dog owner, you want your best friend to be stress-free and relaxed, not rubbing his ears on the living room rug, shaking his head or pawing his ears to stop the itching. You know he is uncomfortable. And, you want to relieve his distress as quickly as possible.

These telltale behaviors indicate your dog could be suffering from ear troubles.

“Other common signs of ear inflammation or infection includes holding the affected ear slightly drooped, an ear discharge and odor that may be noticeable to the dog parents,” explains Christopher G. Byers, DVM, American College of Veterinary Emergency/Critical Care and the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine at MidWest Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Omaha.

Ear problems can cause a great deal of discomfort for dogs. So let’s get to the bottom of the problem to understand what you can do to help your dog.

There are three types of ear problems in dogs—those having to do with the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear.  Outer ear problems will be noticeable to observation, while the other two require the expert diagnosis of a veterinarian.

Air allergens, food, contact irritants, ear mite parasites and foreign objects can cause inflammation of the external ear canal, called otitis externa. When bacteria, yeast or parasites cause inflammation, it can turn into an infection.

To understand a dog’s ear problems, be aware that a dog’s ear canal is anatomically different from the human ear.

A dog’s external ear canal has both vertical and horizontal components. That fact makes a dog’s ear an easier target due to the shape of the ear. This structure predisposes dogs to ear inflammation and infections, as debris must work its way upward rather than straight out as in the human ear.

Gregg Hammer, DVM, and former president of the American Veterinary Medical Association in practice in Dover, Delaware, says, “A dog’s ear canal is like an upside down horn of plenty with the small, narrow end toward the head. This explains why dog’s ears are so difficult to treat.”

Some dogs seem to be more prone to ear problems than others.  And, there is a reason for that. Breeds such as the Chinese Shar-Pei, Bulldogs and Chow Chows tend to have narrow ear canals, and this anatomy predisposes them to more ear inflammation and possibly infection. Dogs that include Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers and Springer Spaniels tend to have more wax producing cells in their external ear canals making them more inclined to ear inflammation.

In addition, dogs with long pendulous earflaps, those dogs that live in humid environments, and dogs that love to swim are over-represented for ear inflammation.

But no dog beats out the Cocker Spaniels, as they are the poster “children” for ear inflammation, says Dr. Byers. “This breed may be affected by a condition of severe irritation of the external ear canal. We don’t know the cause, however, but a primary glandular disorder is suspected. This breed is also over-represented for a skin disease called idiopathic seborrhea that may ultimately lead to excessive secretion of earwax that may also cause profound ear inflammation.”

Of note, hair is normally present in the ear canal, and no study has correlated the increased number of hairs in the ear canal to the incidence of ear inflammation; so routine hair plucking is not recommended and may actually promote ear inflammation according to Dr. Byers.

Normally, ear problems can be cleared up with medications. But when that route doesn’t work, dogs can suffer permanent damage.

“In our practice we see chronic severe ear infections that inflame the facial nerve that runs from the brain near the ear canal,” says Dr. Hammer. “If scaring, inflammation and infection occur, it can effect the facial nerve. Ear problems that that have gone on so long that the ear becomes calcified and bone-like often necessitates the removal of the entire ear canal called an abation.”

Dogs that have allergies are also more at risk of having ear troubles.

“We know that 50 percent of dogs with allergic skin disease and 80 percent of dogs with food hypersensitivity will show signs of ear inflammation,” explains Dr. Byers. “This inflammation is most commonly due to excess cerumen or wax production, not necessarily an infection. However, secondary infections caused by yeast and/or bacteria are also common.”

When you take your dog to your veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment, this process requires the following:

1) Provide thorough history of your dog’s problems.

2) Allow the veterinarian to perform a complete physical examination including an aural examination with an otoscope on the ears. This device allows the veterinarian to take a good look at the inside of the ear canal. An infected ear will generally have a deep red, inflamed appearance.

3) The veterinarian will take swab samples from the dog’s ear to look under the microscope and to culture for bacterial growth.

Only by knowing the underlying cause of the inflammation AND any perpetuating factors, such as secondary infections with bacteria and/or yeast, anatomic changes to the ear, and middle ear disease, will the problem be treated appropriately.

Treatment could include the following:

1) Thoroughly clean and dry the ear canal

2) Removing (or at least manage) the primary disease process

3) Control the perpetuating factors

4) Administer the most appropriate topical and/or systemic medications

5) Assess response to prescribed therapies

Prescribed medications characteristically fall into three different categories:

1) Ear cleaners

2) Topical medications

3) Systemic (affecting the whole body) medications

However, not all dogs with ear inflammation, with or without infection, will require medication from each of these categories.

Normally, it will take one to two weeks for a dog to recover from an ear inflammation with the use of topical medications.

“Recovery time will certainly be less if the veterinarian sees the dog earlier so that the inflammation doesn’t get a good foothold,” say Dr. Hammer. “However, there is no exact way to gauge the length of treatment.”

“Talk to your veterinarian and ask them what they would recommend as far as preventive medicine for ear problems,” suggests Dr. Hammer. “What I would use on a Labrador, I won’t use on a Springer Spaniel.”

“When a dog is so uncomfortable, or their ears are so red, that is almost an emergency, and the dog needed to have been seen long before it became an emergency,” says Dr. Hammer.

However, seek immediate medical attention if your dog seems dizzy, has trouble walking, is lethargic, vomiting, not eating, is bleeding from the ear, or shows evidence of uncontrolled pain.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Along with a couple of doggy treats makes everything better.”

One of my vets made it clear that should I care to not take care of my springer’s ears, that he would happily & I would be supporting the practice :)  In fact we get to share –  I do some of the work and my vet helps me when I get behind or the problems get ahead of me.

Another new BIG title for our group; I just heard that Desi, a Standard Poodle owned by instructor Judy Harris, completed his VST (Variable Surface Tracking) test and became a Champion Tracker. He is now:

CT MACH2 Macie’s High Steppin’ Desire VCD2 RA MXC MJC UCD

There are very, very few CT dogs. If I’m looking at the list right, Desi is the 4th Standard Poodle to get his CT and the first since 2009. What an accomplishment! The photo above is an earlier photo provided to us by Judy.

MACH Intizara Aus Dem Traumblick “Zara” RN MXB MJB OF T2B, owned by instructor Vicki Miller, finished her MACH last weekend in Harriman Tennessee where Vicki was visiting family. Her Mom got to see her finish the Championship! Zara is still young and has a huge career ahead of her; congratulations to Zara and Vicki.

Vicki and Zara's victory lap

Vicki and Zara’s victory lap

Christmas photos!

Dec 10, 2012


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Dori & Bob, owned by Deb Christoff. Photo by Deb Christoff

Debbie Christoff has been busy taking Christmas photos. I love this one of Bob and Dori, Deb’s dogs.

Good news in the Quesst Household

Dec 4, 2012


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Aiden, Junior Hunter leg

Ginger Huxley (Quesst) had a great weekend last weekend. Ailsa, (Berkenbar Arabella BN RN NAP NJP), got her second Major and only needs 3 points to finish. Colin (Esquire’s Celtic Quest), a Jura (Multi CH Berkenbar Bysanze RE NA NAJ TD CD [VCD1] BN) son owned by Patti Meisser DVM, was Winner’s Dog taking him to within 7 points of his CH. And Aiden (Quesst New World  Berkenbar RN) another Jura son, along with his sister Flik (Quesst Berkenbar Shameless Attraction CD RE), each finished their WD titles and earned their third Junior Hunter leg!

January ORT Premium Posted

Dec 4, 2012


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The January ORT Premium has been posted. You can find it by linking to it on the event calendar, or at the link below

UKC Gateway National Overview

Dec 3, 2012


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If you watch this video you should see some familiar faces. The Show Me Canines Club ran the obedience rings, and there were also local dogs and people showing! See if you can pick out the locals as you look through it.

If you haven’t ever been to a UKC show, they are a lot of fun. Some of those Halloween costumes were incredibly elaborate!

And Zipper has decided lure coursing is seriously cool.