We have a “tree” at CCSC on the wall in the small building already to accept your ribbons, medals and other items to celebrate your accomplishments over this past year.  It is so cool to cheer everyone’s successes for the year.

The Training Clinic flyer for the Barn Hunt training clinic on January 6 has just been loaded. Working slots are very limited!

Barn Hunt Training Clinic

Information and registration for the December 8 Tracking seminar with Carol Clark is now available.

Seminar Flyer and Registration

We had shocking and sad news from instructor Vicki Miller today.

It is with such great sadness that I share the passing of Xander. I am still in shock over what has occurred in just 24 hours. After having a wonderful weekend at home, doing some yard work, relaxing and playing with the dogs, Xander woke up Monday morning not his normal self at all. After no improvement that morning, I had blood work drawn and it showed some very bad levels. Later an ultrasound confirmed it was cancer in his spleen. I brought Xander home last night and he did improve some. I brought him back to the clinic this morning for a meeting with the oncology group to see what the options where. We were all optimistic that the cancer would be confined in the spleen, but that wasn’t the case. The cancer had already spread to most of the liver also. The prognosis was very grim and I couldn’t let Xander suffer. Such a hard decision to make, but it was the best for Xander.

Xander V TeMar, SchH 2, VCD2, MX, MXJ, NAP, NJP, NF, TDIA
9/3/2003 to 11/13/2012

Just makes you realize how quickly something can happen and how every day you can spend with your canine companion is very special.

Xander will always be missed and will always have a special place in my heart.

Desi, a poodle owned by CCSC instructor Judy Harris, just completed his Nosework 1 title today. Congratulations to Desi and Judy, they’ve worked really hard!

Banjo, owned by Kathy Echols, sees the rat; assisted by Jennifer Riess

Over the weekend, the new sport of Barn Hunt, founded by our own Robin Nuttall, had a Judges’ Workshop, Training Seminar and Fun Match. CCSC was the perfect location, allowing for meeting room space for the workshop, and the Northwest Corner of the building was perfect for our Barn Hunt bales. Participants traveled from Ohio, Colorado, Iowa and Northern Indiana for this event.

Barn Hunt is still in the “start up” stage, but will officially become a titled, sanctioned National sport in April 2013, when the very first trial will also be hosted by CCSC.

Haven’t heard about Barn Hunt yet? It’s a fun and challenging sport for any dog of any breed, mix, or size, locating rats hidden in various locations on a course made of straw bales. While it will be especially useful for breeds with a vermin hunting history such as Rat Terriers, Schnauzers, etc., a lot of dogs really enjoy the game of find the rat! Among this weekend’s participants and demo dogs were Cala, Robin’s Doberman, Ailsa, Ginger’s Springer, and Jet and Magic, Jennifer Riess’ German Shepherds. Ailsa wasn’t quite sure what to make of the whole thing, but she DID find and mark her rat for a win in the Large dog class at the fun test!

The photo above shows Jennifer working with Kathy’s Banjo during the Training Seminar. CCSC will host another training seminar and another fun test before the April trial.

For more information about Barn Hunt, go to the Barn Hunt website.

In addition to Leo’s TD today, we have two other pieces of wonderful news. Nancy Ripperger and Broddie completed their Utility Dog Excellent title today, and Debbie Heifner and Spur got their MACH. For Debbie, that’s two major accomplishments in a week!

Beth Ahner and Leo

Huge congratulations to Beth Ahner and Leo (GSD) for completing their TD Title today at our first Tracking Dog event.  Weather was cool, ground was wet and Leo worked his track like a champ. (photo copyright Debbie Christoff, 2012)

Zara, a German Shepherd belonging to instructor Vicki Miller, won the Agility Top 20 Standard and Top 20 Jumpers Invitational event at the German Shepherd National in Colorado. She also Qd in Time 2 Beat, Standard and Jumpers in regular competition on the same day. She took first place in Jumpers and T2B, and second place in Standard. What an amazing day!

Josie, our local lab owned by instructor Judy Steiner and run by instructor Deb Heifner, has just won High in Trial (agility) at the Labrador Retriever National Specialty at Purina Farms. There are a lot of really nice labs out there, so this is a huge accomplishment; even more so with Josie just now coming back from having her litter!

Zipper had a great weekend last weekend at the Show Me Agility Club of Central MO AKC Obedience and Rally trials. He finished his Rally Excellent title and got two Beginner Novice legs.

Faith and I earned two legs (and a third place on Sunday) in Beginner Novice Obedience at the Show-Me Agility Obedience and Rally Trial the weekend of September 22th 2012 held at Columbia Canine Sports Center.

Blackie, Lance son

Lance’s “first born” son, Blackie, finished his MACH this past weekend.  Blackie is loved, owned and handled by Bob Jeffers, an AKC Agility judge, near Tampa Bay, FL.  Blackie was the youngest GSD to earn the Performance Award of Merit (versatility award) from the GSDCA at just over 2 years of age with his titles of CD, RN, PT, AX and AXJ.  He is now 7 years old and will continue on in obedience
and herding and probably more stuff.

PAM, MACH, Majestic’s Ultra Black Magic, CD, RA, HSAs, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJS, XF

Lance was owned by instructors Gary and Jennifer Riess and passed away earlier this year.

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